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David Holz, Leap Motion co-founder and CTO, to keynote at VRWC17

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Date: 27 / 1 / 17

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VR World Congress is all about variety. Our aim is to provide something for everyone, while ensuring that the ‘something’ is exactly what people want to see. Whether your interest lies in VR’s application to healthcare, education, architectural visualisation, entertainment, gaming or any of the other sectors covered at VRWC, attendees can be reassured that our speakers will provide the ultimate learning experience.

The VR World Congress Agenda is now available at vrworldcongress.com, a comprehensive guide to all of the speakers announced so far. The interactive page places an emphasis on the range of topics covered at the event, allowing users to filter the view by industry of choice to see what’s on offer.

With speakers from the likes of IBM, Royal Opera House, Microsoft, Aardman, Ultrahaptics and many more already announced for VR World Congress 2017, now’s a great time for potential attendees to grab tickets.

There are still many more speakers to be added to the bill in the coming weeks, bringing the total roster to include more than 70 industry-leading experts from across the globe.

On top of the interactive agenda, we’re delighted to announce a new wave of speakers plus three new exhibitors!

New keynote: David Holz, co-founder and CTO, Leap Motion will be travelling from the US to speak about Leap Motion’s incredible, world-leading advances in input technology.

New announcement: We can now announce that Alchemy VR’s Director of Marketing and Business Development Emily Smith will be joining Dave Patten, Head of New Media at the Science Museum London to discuss their incredible new project - Space Descent VR with Tim Peake!

New speakers: David is joined by fellow augmented reality specialist Ed Miller, founder  of Scape AR, as well as Anthony Matchett and Steven Hancock of music specialist Melody VR. Plus, Gunita Kulikovska of Vividly, Phil Stuart of Preloaded, Ben Curtis and Kevin Williams also join the lineup.

New exhibitors: We’re also happy to introduce three new exhibitors to the VR World Congress expo in the form of Wizdish, Psytec Games and Clicks+Links.

Wizdish are set to be making a top secret special announcement at the VR World Congress. More on this will be revealed soon, so keep an eye on @VRWorldCongress and sign up to the mailing list here.

Be sure to check out all of our new additions below and grab VR World Congress tickets now!

Find the full list of speakers and exhibitors below: 


David Holz, Leap Motion - The Future of Wearable Displays and Inputs

David Holz

David Holz is the CTO and Co-founder of Leap Motion, a software and hardware company developing the world's most powerful and sensitive 3-D motion-control technology. The company’s first product, the Leap Motion Controller, lets users navigate and interact with computer applications by translating hand and finger movements into 3D input.

With countless new virtual worlds just around the corner, the future is already taking shape in hardware labs and hidden codebases around the globe. The only question is how we can make the future more human as we take our first steps into places beyond reality? David will talk about the rapidly emerging future of VR technologies and what it means for human experience.


Gunita Kulikovska, Vividly - A new medium to build better cities

Gunita Kulikovska.jpg

Gunita’s background lays in architecture, urbanism and urban strategies. She is a member of Forbes’ 30 under 30 and a TEDx speaker. Since 2015, she and her partners established startup company Vividly embracing VR with the aim of progressing the architecture industry.

Gunita’s talk will elaborate on VR beyond just a visualization/marketing/sales platform, rather as new medium for design processes and creativity integrated communication within scales and stages.


Phil Stuart, Preloaded - How do you put VR into museums?

Phil Stuart.jpg

Phil is co-founder and Creative Director of Preloaded, a BAFTA winning applied games studio that create innovative experiences to solve real world problems and change people’s lives.

This talk will explore the challenges of designing VR for a physical space (in this case a museum) and present data and lessons learned from the first 3 months of audience testing. It will also present a future view on the role of VR in the arts and culture sector. The talk will be co-presented by Phil Stuart and Dave Patten (Head of New Media, Science Museum).


Anthony Matchett and Steven Hancock, MelodyVR - How will VR revolutionise the music industry?

Anthony Matchett        Steven Hancock

Anthony and Steven are CEO and COO respectively of MelodyVR, a virtual reality technology company specialising in the music sector. Between them, the pair have an extensive background in the music and events industries working with the likes of King, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment, Ubisoft and more. MelodyVR recently signed a huge deal with Warner Music Group, with the aim of releasing hundreds of revolutionary VR experiences involving Warner's huge music library.

Music and VR is a combination that’s gaining a lot of attention both within the industry and from consumers on the outside. In this talk, Anthony and Steven will analyse how VR technology from MelodyVR will change the music and live events industry by making gigs, festivals and concerts easily accessible from anywhere in the world.


Ben Curtis - Practical tips for managing a VR production

Ben is a Freelance Creative Director / Producer specialising in games and in particular VR games and interactive content. He can usually be found in Bristol, mostly at Aardman Animations!

His talk will cover various practicalities, tips, information sources and techniques developed from his experience or adapted from traditional ‘producering’.


Kevin Williams, KWP - VR's Out-of-home Opportunity

Kevin Williams.jpg

Kevin Williams has an extensive background in the development and sales of the latest amusement and attraction applications and technologies. The UK born specialist in the pay-to-play scene is well-known through his consultancy KWP and as a prolific writer and presenter covering the emergence of the new entertainment market.

He will be speaking on the possibilities for VR to grow outside of the home.


Ed Miller, Scape AR - Pokemon Go 2.0: Next gen localisation for AR

Ed Miller

Edward Miller is an interactive imagery specialist with 7 years experience producing 360 degree video & immersive digital content. Edward has produced work for the likes of BBC, UEFA, ESNP, Vogue, NHS, Daily Mail and Royal Ballet.

Over the past few years, AR content creators have been limited to creating 'marker-based' AR experiences, using toolsets such as Vuforia or ARToolkit. In this session, Ed will walk through a new tool for creating city-scale AR content, allowing developers and creatives to truly bring the virtual world to life.





Founded by a group of engineers with a dream. Wizdish was formed as the first locomotion company for the new age of Virtual Reality. Over 10 years ago these forward thinkers realised that Virtual Reality was coming and that walking in it would be a huge challenge.

The ROVR VR treadmill today is the product of 10 years of VR locomotion research, design and testing. Well over 40,000 people having enjoyed immersive ROVR VR experiences in over 20 countries with clients including Big Brands / Organisations, Universities and VR start-ups. Wizdish will be making a huge announcement at VRWC17, so stay tuned for more on that! 

Wizdish are set to be making a top secret special announcement at the VR World Congress. More on this will be revealed soon, so keep an eye on @VRWorldCongress and sign up to the mailing list here.

Psytec Games


Psytec Games make awesome virtual reality games. Their creations, like Windlands and Crystal Rift, include some of the most recognisable and widely played VR games out there.

Psytec will be displaying their first-person grappling hook exploration game Windlands. Soar through the ruins of a fallen civilisation and discover the secrets of the ancient world. Designed with full Virtual Reality support for the HTC Vive , Oculus Rift and Playstation VR.


Clicks and Links

Clicks and Links

CL specialises in immersive technology. They have a long history working with virtual worlds stemming from their founding in the year 2000. Lately, Clicks+Links have been focussing on bringing the exciting potential of virtual reality to new industries. They’ve worked with large infrastructure projects, nuclear decommissioning, as well as immersive training experiences.

CL will be displaying their eXperium VR toolkit which has been developed for applications in the infrastructure industry. It allows the import of CAD / Point Cloud and Laser Scans to a collaborative space that can then be viewed with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. If you’re interested in how VR is being used in a practical working environment, Clicks+Links are a must-visit.

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