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Speaker Profile - Havard Christensen


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Date: 6 / 4 / 17

Tags: Education / Development

In the latest in the series we are in conversation with Havard Christensen, a VR developer with a background in game programming and game design.

In addition to game and VR development, he has a solid experience with android development. He has most fun working in short cycles and especially with game jams or similar. 

Havard will be speaking on Wed 12th April about how interactive teaching in VR can greatly benefit scientific education. To get tickets to VRWC17, click here 

Session: Protein synthesis: from textbook to room-scale in one month

Havard Christensen

Who needs to hear what you've got to say?
Educators and developers wanting to explore virtual reality as a teaching tool. 

Biggest challenge facing VR/AR/MR?
Aside from content. Availability and ease of use. Availability boils down to the fact that for room-scale VR, it's only early adopters that will invest enough money into getting the hardware. Ease of use is the issue that high-quality room scale VR has with cables and intrusive setups. A lot will change with wireless headsets and with more mobile inside-out tracking solutions.

What's next for VR in the games industry?
When comfort and ease of use gets better and the price comes down, more people will access content, they will do it more often and with increased comfort, they will enjoy longer sessions. Stable tracking and good standards will help a lot. If Valve releases an Edge 10/10 implementation of Half Life 3 exclusively for VR, it will be a point of no return. 

VR/AR/MR in five years’ time?
A lot of companies will offer cost-saving software that uses VR/AR in construction and engineering tasks. There will be standalone headsets or our phones will be able to do inside-out tracking. Optics still are not good enough to replace/emulate real working desks/monitors. Some VR-arcades will offer fantastic entertainment combining the physical and the virtual.

What are you most looking forward to about speaking at VRWC?
It will be great to meet pioneers and developers of great VR. I believe it is a technology that will shape our future, so I am very excited to be a part of that conversation. I am looking forward to sharing my viewpoints on how to do iterative prototyping on a small budget for the education sector. 


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