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Speaker Profile: Sheelagh Carew of IBM

By Ryan Davies

Published in: Speaker Profile

Date: 1 / 3 / 17

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Our Speaker Profile series continues, this week focusing on IBM's Sheelagh Carew. Sheelagh will be providing a unique workshop at VRWC17, allowing a select group of attendees to enhance and improve their understanding of 'Design Thinking' within the developing world of VR.

Sheelagh Carew21. What do you do?
I am a Product Designer with IBM studios in Dublin, Ireland. I work with a global team to produce creative Enterprise solutions. The IBM Design Thinking framework helps deliver user centered products - It's a powerful way to identifying and solve problems by understanding our user’s needs and creatively discover solutions to meet those needs. I specialise in UX design and User Research and I am involved with a team exploring new User Experiences that Virtual Reality can offer.

2. Who is your workshop aimed at and what will attendees gain from it?

Workshop participants will be immersed in Design Thinking activities to foster new ideas in the world of Virtual Reality. There will be lots of post-its, sketching and collaboration as we build empathy for the people we are innovating for through the workshop. It is aimed at anyone that wants to learn about the Design Thinking process and meet and share ideas with people that have similar interests.

3. What do you see as the biggest innovation in VR right now?

One of the biggest innovations for me is the increase of Virtual reality apps for Smartphones, making the VR space for designers and developers more accessible, allowing innovation to flourish to all enthusiasts.

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