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Healthcare, legal, audio & gaming talks make up latest VRWC17 additions

By Ryan Davies

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Date: 10 / 3 / 17

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Good news! We’ve got even more speakers to add to the VRWC17 agenda!

First off, we’re updating our fantastic collection of healthcare-oriented speakers, with the addition of Lucy Hayman and Matt Flanagan of Blueprint Partners and Back to Health. They’ll be speaking on VR’s ability to transform back treatment, using an incredible example that they’ve already put into practice. Blueprint will also be joining the VRWC17 expo, demonstrating this new advancement on the show floor.

We’re also bolstering our gaming representation this week with the addition of Tom Beardsmore of VR developer Coatsink, and Luke Noonan & Lucas Miller of RUST LTD, known for their brilliantly unusual (and wonderfully titled) VR project Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades.

We’ll be welcoming Lisa Urwin of TLT Solicitors who will be providing a unique and no doubt fascinating talk on the legal considerations of VR. Finally, Steven Lane of the Grand Central Recording Studio will discuss binaural audio and the impact of sound on VR.

You can view the full list of new speakers and exhibitors below:




Lucy Hayman, Blueprint Partners - How VR in healthcare is also going to transform corporate training

Lucy Hayman

Digital/VR agency owner and communications expert Lucy Hayman is passionate about the impact of digital solutions on human behaviour. Her agency, Blueprint Partners, produced a Virtual Reality Spine to help patients understand their condition, and the results are astounding, with dramatic implications for corporate training as well as healthcare.

Lucy. along with Chiropractor Matt Flanagan, will be speaking on the ‘Virtual Spine’ that Blueprint Partners built for chiropractors Back to Health. The aim of the project was to help patients visualise their condition by walking round and comparing their own spine to a healthy one. The dramatic response and engagement from patients shows that the application of VR in corporate training will have a transformational effect on the delivery of training, particularly where the subject matter is complicated or technical.


Steven Lane, Grand Central Recording Studio - Do you hear what I hear? The impact of sound on VR

Steven Lane

Steve Lane is a trailblazer for the new horizons opened up by 3D and binaural sound. He is constantly being asked by creatives how they can create campaigns with this new technology, and sees it as having so much more potential than as just an element to enhance the VR/360 experience.

In this session, leading sound designer Steve Lane (GCRS) will talk about the importance of Sound Design in creating truly immersive VR experiences. He will explore how traditional sound design methods can be applied to VR, while also discussing how new techniques and technologies allow for a much more detailed spatial audio environment.


Luke Noonan & Lucas Miller,  RUST LTD. - Out of the Living Room: Bringing VR to Arcades and Amusement Parks

Luke Noonan         Lucas Miller

As a design and development studio RUST LTD. has worked on VR projects in a variety of contexts. About three years ago, they started doing some contract work in the attractions industry. In 2016 they launched Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades on Steam for the HTC Vive. Recently they have worked on adapting that project for use in arcades and started developing new work specifically aimed at both the consumer and out-of-home contexts.

This talk is a distillation of Luke and Lucas’ experience designing VR experiences for both Consumer and Out-of-Home contexts as well as the work they have done porting projects between the two. Some topics we plan on covering include: consumer VR vs. attraction VR, depth vs accessibility, operator concerns, custom hardware, user on-boarding and throughput and business models. An all-encompassing talk for developers and would-be VR creators.


Tom Beardsmore, Coatsink - Three years in VR

Tom Beardsmore

Tom has worked in the games industry for over 9 years, firstly with Blizzard Entertainment before co-founding Coatsink. He’s a writer by education but has learned to be a general creative director and business manager by practice.

Coatsink is a passionate and talented game development team working on games for PC, VR platforms, console and mobile. Tom’s talk will discuss Coatsink’s discoveries, successes and failures over three years of developing games, experiences and tools for VR.


Lisa Urwin, TLT LLP - Legal issues to consider when bringing VR products to market

Lisa Urwin

Lisa is a commercial lawyer at TLT LLP who advises a wide range of tech and creative businesses in relation to intellectual property and tech law issues.  Previously Lisa worked at Penguin Random House where her role involved advising the group in relation to its global digital strategy.  

Lisa will talk through some of the legal issues that can arise during the lifecycle of a VR product, through the stages of narrative building and production through to reaching consumers via hardware and platform providers.




Blueprint Partners


Blueprint Partners are an agency specialising in world class digital solutions including VR, internal communications and video/event production for global brands all around the world.

Blueprint will be showcasing Virtual Spine, a VR healthcare solution built for a group of London-based chiropractors, demonstrating how learnings from the project can be applied to corporate training.


Surround Vision

Surround Vision

We're very happy to welcome back Surround Vision to the VR World Congress expo, who will be displaying their world-leading 360 video content for the second year in a row.  

Founded in 2010, Surround Vision is an award winning full service 360º/virtual reality film production company specialising documentary, interactive content and apps. The team works closely with well-known brands, broadcasters and advertising agencies including Sky, BBC, Fox TV, Disney, Ray Ban, iTV, The Guardian, Channel 4 and the UNCCD. 

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